Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sign From God? Gay Pride Phenomenon? Or Just a Rainbow Splotch?

The splotch is on the left, the sun on the right.

One of the sillier things people believe from the Bible is the whole thing about the rainbow being a sign from God, promising that he won't drown us all on a whim. Burn us? That's on deck, but no drowning. This one even made me roll my eyes at Sunday school. Still, rainbows are still pretty cool, and not just because of The Gay Thing. When you spot one, you get that same feeling you get when you spy your car's odometer rolling over to an even number. You'll share it, if someone's around, and sort of take credit for seeing it first. Right?

A wide shot, with the unfortunate construction site
in the way.
Well, I saw a version of a rainbow that I've never seen before. I was on my walk, and on my way home. The sun was jussst above the mountains, and obscured by a layer of cloud cover. But the sun was blasting through most of the cloud, diffusing into a huge blaze of light. And just to the south, in a jet's contrail, was a splotch of rainbow! No arc. No beginning or end, or pot of gold. It was just a splotch, and it didn't move or change for a block of walking. I took out my phone to take a few pictures, but of course it didn't capture very well. And to make things worse, there's a new development going in a half-block from home, ruining the shot. But I had to share anyway.

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  1. Hey, me and my wife saw the same thing as we were driving down the 215, heading west. I thought the same thing- it was very cool- but not the gay thing.
    And as far as development, over on Horizon, by Gibson, there is a bunch of construction going on and it took some nice open area into a bunch of $300,000 houses that are less than 5 feet from each other. I never understood that about Las Vegas- the lack of space between neighbors.


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