Thursday, June 11, 2015

Rachel Maddow Indulges in Some Franklin Graham Schadenfreude

The fact that televangelical dynasties are a thing now ought to bother people. Sure, folks like Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts and Billy Graham caught on with the (gullible) public for some reason. Fine. I get that. But now that the first generation is gone or going, each seems to have a son following in the "family business," and for some reason they're given a similar level of reverence and relevance. Why? What did this idiotic, hateful son of Graham do to warrant him even being newsworthy?

Well, for some reason televangelists are now apparently like car dealership dynasties, and will get to hold down a corner of their "industry" in perpetuity. Since they won't fade into obscurity, at least they will continue to say ridiculous things, and make idiotic public stands like this one. It helps to be able to laugh heartily at their expense.

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