Thursday, June 4, 2015

2016 Clown Car Update: Gov. Oopsie McGoodhair, Rick Perry Takes the Wheel

Well, why not? Why not try again after flaming out so utterly and so spectacularly last time? I remember watching that debate live (with my Twitter feed keeping me more entertained up until that moment) with my mouth open. Those were some awkward moments. I almost felt bad for him, until I continued reading Twitter, and was back to having a helluva time. There was some funny stuff to read then! And to think I'd been a little worried about Rick Perry's initial entrance into the 2012 race.

I don't think his 2016 entry is going to make the rest of the GOP class worry too badly.


Rick Perry poised to try again for presidency

Four years after a disastrous first campaign for the White House, former Texas governor Rick Perry announced here Thursday that he will try again, and the contrast between then and now could hardly be greater. . .

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