Friday, July 1, 2011

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Goodbye, Mr. Beck

A lot of "FOX Fans" (yes, such a creature exists) cackled quite a bit when Keith Olbermann abruptly quit/was fired from MSNBC in January. They cackled some more when it was announced that Countdown with Keith Olbermann would relaunch on Al Gore's tiny cable outlet, Current TV. I'm sure they're not through giggling, though it is uncertain yet whether or not the relaunch will be a success. Certainly, none of them is having as good a time as Olbermann himself, watching the sad sputtering out of Glenn Beck.

Mr. Beck is somehow a right-wing powerhouse, even if his FOX "News" ratings have declined, and he can't find any advertisers. His popularity is baffling to his detractors who are legion, and nearly certainly outweigh his fans. While I can see the "big bully" appeal of a Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh, or the simple-minded, nearly literal "no-brainer" appeal of a Sean Hannity, I can't for the life of me figure out what people like about Beck. I tried watching is program when sick at home on Monday, and literally could not tolerate it for five minutes. It had zero to do with his politics--which I loathe, but can tolerate--it was his bizarro, Looney Tunes, carnival barker persona. He's like an evangelical preacher, who fancies himself a comedian/philospher, but is preaching to you in tongues or something. It is utterly incomprehensible to me.

Anyway, on to Olbermann's send-off.  Please click the link below, since I can't get Current TV's videos to stop auto-playing.

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