Sunday, July 24, 2011

Should Oregon Congressman Be Kicked out for Forcing Himself on a Woman?

Um, yes. He's a Democrat? Yes. He looks to be a "furry." Yes, yes, yes. If Anthony Weiner had to go, this guy needs to go. No debate, no investigation, just go.


 Dem. leaders consider forcing Oregon’s Wu out of office after sex allegations

Party leaders in the House and within the greater Democratic Party are considering ways they can force Oregon Rep. David Wu out of office after recent allegations that the congressman forced himself on a young woman, Politico reported.  . .

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  1. I have to be honest- he's not married from what I can see and the girl never filed a police report. So, it's really not a scandal as far as a John Ensign.
    She was of age. Bad that it was a doner, though. Not going to get much money from her pops. So, is it any worse than Ted Kennedy or John ensign? I don't think so.
    Strange that she would call his office complaining and it is leaked out.

  2. Dan, I still say, if Wiener had to go, this guy needs to too, just for consistency. Weiner just had virtual sex! You know the real reason he had to go? The pictures were made public. That's it. If they hadn't been, he'd still be in Congress. That Tigger suit is this guy's Waterloo.


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