Monday, December 2, 2013

Derailed Train Was Going Much Too Fast Around Corner

Image from source, TalkingPointsMemo
Since I've been down with the flu, I haven't kept up with the news like usual. Of course, since this was a holiday weekend, news was low on my agenda anyway. But what news I did get seemed either deeply weird (Paul Walker dying in a fiery high-speed car crash) or came with a dash of deja vu. The tragic commuter train crash, in particular, seems to have happened before. The "going too fast around the corner" bit even seems like the same reason. Maybe the flu moved me through time or something?


NTSB: Derailed Metro-North Train Entered 30 MPH Curve At 82 MPH

The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that a Metro-North train that derailed in New York this weekend leaving four people dead and more than 60 others injured entered a 30 mile per hour curve at approximately 82 miles per hour, citing a recovered black box from the crash site. . .

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