Sunday, December 29, 2013

Greenlee Gazette Extends Christmas Vacation ONE MORE DAY!

You might wonder where I've been the past several days. Well, The Other Half and I went back to the Midwest for a huge, family Christmas visit. Lack of Internet, family obligations and general revelry prevented me from being able to blog at all. I did have some time-release posts set up, but basically they were all Christmas fun things, no serious blogging.

And though I have been back since Thursday night of last week, the Christmas fun times and local friend obligations haven't abated. I sit here on Sunday night, contemplating what if anything to put up on the blog. . .and you know what? I'm enjoying this break too much. And frankly, not much is setting the world on fire this week anyway. Most Americans are likely still in a holiday haze through most if not all of this week anyway. In fact, I wouldn't have to work tomorrow or Tuesday if not for a big project at work.

So, kiddies, nothing new tonight. No Blast from the Past, no new blog posts (save this one) to start the week. Too much food (damn I'm fat), and too much wine to focus. I'll probably get some stuff up on Monday and Tuesday, but it's just not in me today. But I'm betting there isn't a bunch of activity going on anywhere anyway. Happy New Year! See you soon.

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