Thursday, December 19, 2013

Duck Dynasty Star Suspended Over Anti-Gay Remarks

Duck Daddy, or who-the-hell ever. Image from source, HuffPo
Let's get this out of the way: while the Duck Dynasty patriarch uttered offensive, outdated comments, I was not--as a gay man--offended. Mostly because I don't give two shits what this man or his family think about anything. That said, A&E (a channel that used to mean "arts and entertainment," which this program doesn't really seem to fit) has every right to suspend or fire the guy for damaging their brand and public image.  I've been reading commentary on the story excerpted below, and want to smack about half of the commenters. They have a very juvenile understanding of the first amendment, thinking that "free speech" means speech unencumbered by consequence.

On a side note, I'm actually more offended that a partially staged "reality show" with such a thin premise can be so popular. I will admit that having no interest in the subject matter (and honestly can't imagine why anyone would be), I have never partaken in watching the program. I probably never will. But basing a show around duck call makers sounds almost as thin a premise as throwing a bunch of confrontational bitches in front of the camera and calling it "Real Housewives." Finding out that they're overflowing with religiosity in addition to camouflage makes me even less interested, regardless of the homophobia.

'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson Suspended Over Anti-Gay Remarks

In an interview with GQ's Drew Magary, the head of the family in the wildly popular A&E series expressed his view that homosexuality was immoral, likening it to bestiality. Some of the remarks were made using off-color language. . .
Read more at: Huffington Post
On a side note, this is what the Duck Dynasty folks looked like a dozen years or so ago. Could their image be as phony as "Larry the Cable Guy?" And could the hotness quotient have anything at all to do with Dad's homophobia? Interesting questions I'm just throwing out there.
Image from Life & Style

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  1. I agree with most of what you say, but I have to say that conservatives are held to higher standards than liberals. Liberals have said plenty of vile things but they don't get dropped from their shows or positions.


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