Friday, December 13, 2013

FOX "News" Host Megyn Kelly: Santa and Jesus are White! (And Real!)

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Megyn Kelly, newly minted hostess of the oddly named FOX "News" program, The Kelly File has some odd ideas about history. Kelly--who just this week told Jay Leno that she's a straight-up news gal, not an opinion host--has proclaimed both Jesus and Santa Claus to be actual, historical people. White, historical people.

As an atheist, I'm aware that Christians are convinced that Jesus was an actual, real person who is also the Son of God, and also God himself and some combination, plus his own dad. I won't pick that apart here other than to say "huh?" I can concede that there may have been a living person of his description walking the planet a little over 2,000 years ago. Whether he was just as described in the Bible remains completely a matter of faith, not fact. And his race and appearance are wholly (not holy) a matter of speculation.

The Bible only says Jesus had hair like wool. For such an important figure, it's odd that the book doesn't describe his appearance at length, but it doesn't. So, what everyone imagines as Jesus is what he looks like in famous portraits and statuary, which were plucked out of the artists' imaginations, inspired or not. Still, it's rather unlikely that a Middle Eastern Jewish guy looks like a white 6' European dude with strawberry blonde flowing locks. Mostly, what it makes me wonder is if people are really seeing images of John Lennon rather than Jesus in their morning toast and other random foodstuffs.

Megyn Kelly is a bit less curious about such matters. In fact, she's certain that Jesus existed and was in fact white. Not only that, Santa Claus apparently is also real, and white as well! Which makes me think Kelly is something of a fluff-headed lightweight, which really isn't too surprising.


Megyn Kelly Really Wants The Kids To Know Santa And Jesus Are White

This is how Megyn Kelly handled a story by a black woman who wrote that maybe, just maybe, Santa doesn't have to be white all the time (because—spoiler alert—Santa can be all things to all people!) . . .

Read more (with video) at: Huffington Post

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