Monday, December 16, 2013

Family Guy Spoiler

Yes, it's a spoiler.

So, I'm moving this down a bit.

I know this is kind of pointless.

Because, if you follow Family Guy enough to know anything about it. . .

. . .Then you know what this spoiler is all about.

But just the same, I'm putting a little effort into not making it too obvious.

But I've got to ask you. . .

If you've read down this far already, and you still haven't been spoiled, and have no idea what this is about. . .

BUT, you do follow the show enough to be interested in what all the fuss is about. . .

Just how bad are your reasoning skills anyway?

Just kidding, here you go:


Brian Is Alive!

Just a few weeks ago, Family Guy fans were saddened when Brian Griffin got hit by a car and died. . .

Read more at: BuzzFeed

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I saw this on Sunday.. and kind of surprised.
    But will he last and what will happen to the other dog?
    Something tells me they waited to see what the reaction would be and if there was an outpouring support for Brian, they would bring him back. If not, he stays dead.


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