Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Former VA Gov. McDonnell and Wife Indicted

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Well, Governor Vaginal Ultrasound is finally getting his comeuppance. Odd that they had to wait for his term to be over, but whatever. Since his catalogue of crimes is kind of dry, here's the most entertaining summation I could find. Sorry Bob! But it's better than having gone down with the Romney Campaign ship, isn't it?


Virginia Ex-Gov Bob McDonnell Indicted For Being The ‘Alleged,’ Whatever, Griftiest In All The Land Read
We hope former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell enjoyed the ten days off since his term ended since he now will spend the immediate future trying to avoid a stretch in the pokey. That’s because old Grifter Bob and his wife Maureen were indicted by a federal grand jury on 14 counts of corruption. Hey, at least he got something for his corruption besides the nihilistic sensation of being a sneering asshole sticking it to a political enemy. Chris Christie must be wiping copious amounts of sweat from his massive Neanderthal brow now that we’ll all be focused on another corrupt Republican governor for a day or two. . .

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