Monday, January 27, 2014

Blast from the Past: The Best of Howard Jones

Coming up with a topic for Blast from the Past can be a challenge sometimes. Sometimes I like to put up something relevant to something that's going on in the world. Other times, I get on a multi-part theme, or something from my day just gives me that a-ha! moment. Today is one of those days where inspiration was lacking just a bit. And on those days, I try to think of a subject I haven't done before (or I put up a rerun).

Rumor has it, one of my cousins had sort of a
super-groupie fling with Mr. Jones. Yeah,
they had a thing. . .goin' on. Allegedly.
I've featured several artists from the past that seemed to get locked into a period of time, and never seemed to get a comeback vehicle or a second wind. Howard Jones is one of those artists, at least as it pertains to the American singles chart. And if you asked most people--even some who were the right age for it in the 80s--they may not know who Jones is. Part of that might have something to do with his generic sounding name. Or maybe he just wasn't flashy enough in the day-glo 80s. Funny, I even seem to remember him in blacks and whites! But the truth is, Howard Jones had quite a number of hit songs, and they're quite enjoyable. Keep in mind also, that in his heyday, you could have familiar tunes on MTV and video shows, and also gather a following as an "alternative" act. Consequently, a song that got a lot of play might come in low on the chart. Anyway, I think it's time for a revisit. Not to mention, past time for a comeback.

1. New Song (#27, 1983)
2. What is Love? (#33, 1983)

3. Like to Get to Know You Well (#49, 1984)
4. Things Can Only Get Better (#5, 1985)

5. Life in One Day (#19, 1985)
6. No One is to Blame (#4, 1985)

7. You Know I Love You. . .Don't You? (#17, 1986)
8. Everlasting Love (#12, 1989)

And then, not much of anything. Not to insult Mr. Jones, I'm sure he has had plenty of things to do, I just wish he'd done it in hit songs!

And that will do it for this weekend. Happy Monday, everybody.

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