Tuesday, January 28, 2014

MSNBC Shakes Up Daytime Lineup

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I don't catch a lot of MSNBC's daytime lineup, except for what would be considered "afternoon" programming sometimes on Fridays, when I'm off. I liked Thomas Roberts if I caught him. So, MSNBC's decision to shake up its programing doesn't affect me much. But even if I did watch more often, since all of their time slots are geared toward Eastern Time (like all of the rest of cable news), most of it is just on too early for me to care. But before I move on, I'd like to hammer this for a bit!

Listen, media conglomerates! The entire USA is not in the Eastern Time Zone! Yes, we appreciate that you tend to run the major awards shows (Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes but curiously not the Grammys) and sports programming in real time. And there is the occasional nod to Central Time, sometimes even Mountain Time. But we in Pacific Time get a lot of ignoring! We often can't vote in live shows where viewers can call in. We get Saturday Night Live three hours later than "live." And we're in constant danger of being spoiled by accidental online surfing giving away a plot point for a show we haven't watched yet!

Anyway, my biggest loss from MSNBC's move is that Thomas Roberts got a "promotion" (which doesn't seem like much of one) to Way Too Early, which is certainly insanely too early for me. And Frank Sinatra's Woody Allen's son Satchel Ronan Farrow is getting a show that I might get to catch on Fridays. Even in the news releases, and on-air promos, only Eastern Time is given for any of the changes. So, I still have something to complain about. At least I get to watch The Rachel Maddow Show at 6pm, and don't have to jockey the DVR around prime-time, so I'll shut up now.


Ronan Farrow's Timeslot Amid Broad Shakeup

MSNBC announced a broad shakeup of its daytime schedule on Monday. Chief among the changes are the confirmation that Joy Reid will be given a permanent show of her own at 2 p.m., and the news that Ronan Farrow will occupy the 1 p.m. slot currently helmed by Andrea Mitchell. Mitchell has been moved to 12 p.m. Hall will shift to 11 a.m. The changes will take effect on Feb. 24. . .

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