Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Rachel Maddow Fires Back At Christie

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Over the years, whenever a public figure has complained about FOX "News," they're met with a firestorm of poutrage from the right-wing blogosphere, and often by right wing talk radio hosts and FOX pundits themselves. Beyond an obligatory defense of the FOX "News" operation and its journalistic integrity (ha!), they'll then call it whining, and blaming the messenger, and call it a weak excuse and on and on.

But just as Chris Christie and his administration has been embodying Right Wing World's every bullet-list item that they dislike about President Obama (or rather, the cartoonish version of Obama they imagine exists), now there's the excuse that this is all the fault of MSNBC!

Now, it's true that MSNBC--Rachel Maddow and Steve Kornacki in particular--is responsible from turning this from a local to a national story. But there's meat (and fat) on this bone, and there keep turning out to be more bones! Christie may not like it, but this isn't one of those faux controversies, conspiracy theories or out-of-context outrages that FOX specializes in. And it's pretty weak as an excuse.


Rachel Maddow to Chris Christie’s administration: You want a piece of me?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow responded on Monday to accusations by members of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) staff that her network is out to get him, pointing out that Christie’s administration has still not explained the September 2013 lane closures on the George Washington Bridge that has led to several Christie appointees being subpoenaed. . .

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