Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Utah Man's Hunger Strike Against Marriage Equality Over

Source: Joe.My.God.
Remember that Mormon guy from Utah who went on a hunger strike to protest all the gay marriages that were going down over the holidays? His name--unlikely as it is--is Trestin Meacham, and he claims he got by on water and vitamins for 15 days. He is also, quite clearly a welsher, as he started eating again without getting what he was fasting for.

Meacham is one of those militant states-rights guys, and he was seeking "nullification," in which the State of Utah asserts its alleged right to ignore federal judges and laws. He didn't get that. In fact, all he got to this point was a temporary stay on the issuing of marriage license to same-sex couples. It's not at all clear which way the case will ultimately go.

So, Meacham's pointless, grandstanding stunt is over. He's being hailed as a hero in some quarters, and he didn't even get what he was supposedly seeking. It really doesn't take much to get attention in this country, does it?


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