Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hate Group Using DC Comics' Superman for Publicity

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Are you paying attention DC?
Ugh. I'll admit that when I heard that there was a boycott afoot over a proposed writer for a Superman comic, I was torn. First, I'm a DC Comics fan from way back when comics cost 20 cents, so the character is more than just another superhero to me. Second, I'm gay, and this writer dude Orson Scott Card is profoundly, loudly and proudly anti-gay. So, while I have some issues with interfering with an individual's career over his personal views, I also feel a personal connection to the character he's writing, and am appalled that he's going to be writing it.

But the issue is a little more clear when you realize that this isn't one guy's personal views. Card is on the board of the National Organization for Marriage, a hate group that exists not--as they purport--to "protect" marriage, but to thwart equal rights for gay people. One need not follow NOM's writings for long to suss out that "marriage" is only part of their agenda. Their championing of the Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay policy, their campaigns against domestic partnerships and civil unions, and many other issues illustrate clearly that NOM is an anti-gay organization, first and foremost. So, to my mind, Card isn't just some poor schmuck with an opinion.

DC Comics, for their part, has pretty much to this point stood by their man. And I get that. They don't want interest groups combing through each writer's and artist's pasts for something to object to. I get that. But I'm also one of many gay former kids for whom DC Comics and Superman played a large part in our growing up. And a lot of us still read comics. And how much can DC or parent company Warner Bros. want their flagship character to be used by a hate group? Because that is what NOM is doing with Superman.


ConservativeHQ: Buy A Comic Book To Stand For Marriage

. . .Orson Scott Card, a talented science fiction writer, is part of a team of writers and artists assembled by DC Comics to create an “Adventures of Superman” comic series ahead of the release of the summer Superman film Man of Steel.* Card is also a believer in the Biblical definition of marriage who has the courage to say so. . .

Source: NOMBlog (If you have a strong stomach, click through, and read some of their postings, but be warned. . .the comments sections are poisonous.)

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