Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Marco! Rubio! Great GOP Hope Bombs on SOTU Night

The thing everyone will always remember about Bobby Jindal's big State of the Union rebuttal was that he sauntered out looking like a cross between Kenneth the page from 30 Rock, and an Indian Mr. Rogers. What he had to say is utterly lost. Well, it just happened again.

Marco Rubio is one of the first efforts by the post-2012 GOP to put a new face on the party. On substance, there was no change in message, only a slight tweak to the delivery. Rubio came off just as earnest (oh, so earnest) as Jindal, and almost as amateurish. He was on an overly decorated, fakey-looking set, and beyond his dressed up pre-2012 election message, Rubio had a problem. He was simultaneously sweating, and parched. Dry mouth, they call it, and it became harder and harder for him to disguise, ultimately leading to a weird mouth-wipe, and then a lunge (oddly enough, to the left!) for a glass of water.

So, the fact that much of Rubio's patter could have come straight from Mitt Romney's stump speech, and that it was equally fact-challenged in parts, is now lost to that unscripted moment. It may not be enough to shut down Rubio as badly as it did Jindal. And if he's smart, he'll turn it into a self-deprecating gag in the future. But there is no question that the 2014 rebuttal is going to be a job that nobody will want to take, outside of, say, John McCain or Lindsey Graham.

One interesting fact: the lunge revealed that Rubio has tamed his combover hairdo just a bit. Prior to his "moment," his hair was largely hidden in shadow. The lunge showed us his no 'do, and it's a marked improvement.


The soon-to-be-infamous Marco Rubio water bottle moment

Courtesy of National Journal a wonderful moment captured in time from Marco Rubio’s “Republican response” to the President’s State of the Union. Marco Rubio and the water bottle, a moment in American history captured in time forever. . .

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