Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What You Don't Know About Sequestration, and The Deficit

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In this clip from the Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel notes an amazing list of things that happened on Tuesday (all linked here):

 - Alaska has passed a law that could arrest law enforcement officers if they enforce gun laws they don't like (wha?)
- Arkansas Governor vetoes anti-abortion ban
- Indiana Senate passes one of those "transvaginal ultrasound" laws just for those who want an "abortion pill" (but not two of them!)
- Illinois elected a new Congresswoman to replace Jesse Jackson Jr.
- Biden meets with retired military for help on gun control
- Patrick Leahy makes announcement on gun control
- Chuck Hagel got confirmed as Defense Secretary
- Pennsylvania GOP forging ahead with vote-rigging scheme
- SCOTUS is votion on the voting right act

 . . .and a whole, whole lot more. A lot happened, and this entire clip (not to mention the entire show) is worth watching. But, what I want you to watch--and get everybody else you know to watch--is the part that begins at 5:15, when Rachel starts talking the dreadful boring "sequestration," or "the sequester," if you prefer. Except she not only makes it not boring, she will teach you something you didn't know. [Story continues below]

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The amazing thing that you don't know (statistically speaking), is that the budget deficit has been dropping. Every year since President Obama has been in office, the deficit has been going down. Not up, down. Only 6% of Americans surveyed knew that, and far and away a majority think it has gone up. Oh, and the sequestration thing that is some sort of vague nod toward "getting serious" about the deficit. . .has no effect on the deficit.

So, watch it, please? Thanks. Oh, and here's another article if you want to know more:

Deficit Is Falling Dramatically, But Only 6% Know That


  1. So the budget just isn't that bad? Is that how you run your household finances? You don't think Obama and the GOP (yes the GOP is as much at fault as Obama and the Democrats)have not overspent?
    If you believe that, I have some property up in Elko to sell you.

  2. The government does not run like a household, no. And I don't think that's a very good analogy. But no, I don't think Obama's spending is out of control. Virtually everything the right has accused Obama of has turned out to be at best exaggerated, and at worst untrue. I've always thought we should close loopholes, and crack down on fraud, waste and abuse. Obama wants to do that too. Sounds good to me.


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