Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ted Nugent Manages Not to Disrupt SOTU

Keep it classy, Ted. Image from source, BuzzFeed.
While Republicans often decry the cult of celebrity, and belittle "Hollywood liberals," they have their own stars, such as they are. It's a much smaller group, and much less. . .um. . .stellar, to say the least. Moreover, it is often difficult to discern why they're elevated to such lofty positions. Ted Nugent is only the most recent example.

Nugent is a musician whose heyday has long passed, who bills himself as an uber-patriotic activist, even though he was once a draft-dodger (with a decidedly unsavory story to go with it). But, he loves weapons, particularly guns, and he likes to shoot his mouth off. He also is very vocal in his opposition to President Obama and to Democrats in general. Because of this, he is granted wide latitude, with even his most extreme utterances not just tolerated, but applauded by the rabble and by the punditry such as Sean Hannity.

Back during the Bush administration, a country band called The Dixie Chicks made a mild disparaging comment about President Bush, and they were all but deported for it. But pseudo-celebrities like Nugent can say anything they want--no matter how vile--about President Obama or Hillary Clinton, and they barely raise an eyebrow on the right. Nugent was even investigated by the Secret Service for his perceived threatening comments. All's fair, I guess, as the right is still acting all back-slappy about The Nuge, and calling him "Uncle Ted." It should be pointed out that if any celebrity  guest of a Democrat attended the State of the Union in jeans, boots, a frumpy jacket, scraggly hair and a goofy soul patch, the likes of Sean Hannity wouldn't stop talking about it, ever.


Bored Ted Nugent Slams Obama's Gun Control Plans

Aging rocker Ted Nugent may have avoided making a spectacle during President Barack Obama's State of the Union address much to the chagrin in the scores of reporters on hand, but he had harsh words for the administration's gun control plans after the speech. . .

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