Thursday, February 21, 2013

Right Wing World: Outrage Over Obama's Down Time

People are always trying to say that "both sides do it" whenever there is an argument with a political divide. Of course, there is often also false equivalence, where the preponderance of wrongdoing is on one side or the other. But there is one place where we have some similarity, and one of those would be: presidential vacations. At least for this and the previous president, opponents have bitched about how much downtime they take, what else might be going on, what else they should be doing, and how much it all costs.

Let 'em eat cake!
Did I complain about Dubya's vacationing, and traipsing around? Sure. I really, really, really disliked George W. Bush, and a high percentage of his administration (though I saved my hatin' for Dick Cheney). I don't even like seeing video of Bush, or hearing his or Darth's voice. Ugh. But I'm pretty sure it was fairly low on my list of grievances at the time. The only one that really stands out is the time Dubya was having cake with John McCain, and learning how to play the guitar with country singer Mark Wills, while Hurricane Katrina was bearing down.

So, yeah, I complained. But as far as I know, I didn't make shit up about it. I didn't exaggerate to a ridiculous degree, and then start to believe my own exaggerations. I thought Bush was a dolt, I thought little positive or negative of Laura, but I don't think my rancor--public or private--came anywhere near where the right goes on President Obama. The thinly veiled or openly naked racism, laced with pure hatred is really quite stunning. So, there is an area where "both sides do it," but one side does it much, much worse. Bush Derangement Syndrome may have been over-the-top, but Obama Derangement Syndrome is oh-so-very-low.

It ought to be pointed out that a) all presidents and their family get perks like travel, lodging, fine food, and other niceties; b) Obama's vacation and leisure time is not out of scale (and is actually less) than his immediate predecessor and most other presidents; and c) Michelle Obama has been trashed by the right--for no real (non-racist) reason--far more than any other first lady ever has.

Image from Wonkette
Here's an article from Wonkette, because a story this rancid can only be tolerated with a heaping helping of humor. This is proven often by The Daily Show, The Colbert Report and on a good day, Saturday Night Live. The article focuses on right-wing world's insane reaction to the Obamas' Valentine's Day, and is a prime example of the kind of thing I'm talking about.


Americans Very Angry King Barack And Ugly Wife Did Not Have Mac And Cheese With Cut-Up Hot Dogs For Valentine’s Dinner

. . .Yes, Barack Obama flew home from Atlanta in time for his dinner date with the beautiful First Lady, and Yahoo News commenters went full Victoria Jackson. (Because Barack Obama was not supposed to fly home from Atlanta, we guess, but should have either taken a Greyhound bus or stayed in Atlanta forever.) There are your usual comments about monkeys and heaping platters of baby back ribs and buckets of KFC, but those are to be expected, because “postracial. . .”

Read more at: Wonkette


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