Monday, February 18, 2013

John McCain Doesn't Understand Own Conspiracy Theory

This blog post from Rachel Maddow's MaddowBlog asks the same question I've been asking about the Benghazi attack on September 11 of last year. That being, what is being covered up? If you listen any day, almost any time, on FOX "News," you'll hear that there is a Benghazi coverup. Oddly, right-wing world is very, very concerned about what Susan Rice had to say five days later on the Sunday political shows. Why they're focused like a laser on that day, that spokesperson, those facts is something of a mystery, but to them, that is the crux of everything. [Story continues below]

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To me, it's especially odd that it's Lindsey Graham and John McCain squawking about it the most--unironically--on those same Sunday shows. It would be an easy project to comb through the records of Meet the Press, Face the Nation and FOX "News" Sunday to find misstatements and outright falsehoods from both McCain and Graham on topics smaller and larger than Benghazi.  And yet there is John McCain, still going on about a conspiracy theory, a cover up. But the oddest part is that McCain cannot articulate what the cover up even was. When pressed, he sputters about the four dead Americans. Nobody is happy about four dead Americans, and to allege that you can't be both sad and disinterested in conspiracy theories about Benghazi is just stupid.


McCain lost in a fog of partisan rage

Looking back at the tragic and deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi last fall, we know quite a bit about what happened. We also know, thanks to an independent investigation, that "Republican charges of a cover-up" were "pure fiction."

But as Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) argued yesterday, he can't be bothered with facts -- he has a partisan vendetta to pursue. . .

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  1. What's being covered up:
    1. Obama when notified of the attack on the Ambassador, he went to bed and no one had the balls to tell him what was going on.
    2. Why did the White House spokeswoman say initially, on the Sunday talk shows, say it wasn't a terrorist attack but a bunch of people having a parade that turned violent.
    3. What military resources were available to help the Ambassador but were not used?
    4. Why did Obama decide to go to Las Vegas right after the attack for a campaign speech?
    5. What did Hillary know and do as the attack was on-going and saying what "difference does it make" is a cop out and not answer an adult would give.
    6. Who was responsible for the attacks and was anyone held responsible for the attacks?
    7. How come no one has been fired from any Federal Government agency for incompetence?
    An ambassador was killed along with 3 others and yet no one is being held responsible. If this were George Bush, he would have been attacked by the left and the media for being incompetency. But because Obama is a black liberal, he is given a free pass.

  2. 1. I don't understand. . .he was notified, but they didn't tell him what was going on? What?
    2. I still don't get why that one Sunday's shows are so important. It is not still 5 days after the attack. Why are we stuck on that day? Do you know how many wrong statements you could find from politicians about 9/11/2001? Or the runup to the war in Iraq that they completely lied us into?
    3. Didn't Congress cut funding for security, or am I mistaken?
    4. It was a Presidential election, and the President is capable of multi-tasking? I get the distinct impression that the GOP is dissing Vegas with this talking point.
    5. Hillary's "what difference does it make" was in regard to Susan Rice's TV appearance on the Sunday shows. I am in complete agreement with her on that point. I applauded when I heard her say it.
    6. Hillary and Obama have both pledged to bring them to justice. It took many years and two presidents to get Bin Laden. Patience.
    7. I could ask the same question (and nullify your point) about the original 9/11. Biggest intelligence and security failure in modern American history. Who was fired? Who was held responsible? Does it even now make a lick of sense to you? Because I still have questions. But any criticism of Bush at the time (and it was a long, long time coming) was called un-American, unpatriotic.

    So, I call BS on the entire conservative Benghazi line. Yes, it was tragic, yes, I hope we catch the bad guys. But it was an attack ON us, not BY us. And I still don't see what the coverup is. McCain sure didn't express what it was.


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