Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Right Wing World: FOX "News" Losing Their Base?

There have been signs that FOX "News" is not what it once was. Surely, some people are still watching out of habit. And the nursing homes and your grandpa may not have yet discovered that there are other channels. But their ratings--while still technically #1 in the cable news biz--are in decline. Sean Hannity is looking bloated. Sarah Palin was politely turned loose (via very low resigning offer), as has been the always-wrong Dick Morris. The writing is on the wall, and some people are saying so.

Steve Deace is an Iowa talk show host of the radical right-wing, guns, God and (no) gays variety. I know of him because The Other Half is from Iowa, and because a former classmate of mine is an uber-conservative pastor there. Through Facebook, I've become aware of Deace, and he stuck in my mind because of his very anti-gay views which are in stark contrast to his very--shall we say--Marcus Bachmann-like air (and I have the same suspicions about the pastor). Deace may be an extremist, but he is 100% down-the-line FOX "News" bait. He's the guy they're selling to, and he's the guy who helps complete part of the right-wing bubble that FOX has cultivated over the years. But Deace looks like he's dumping FOX. And that makes me wonder if this bubble is popping, or if it's just splitting off into smaller bubbles?

[UPDATE]: Though this appears on Deace's blog page, I've just realized it was written by Bob Eschliman, and posted there. So, let me correct the record. One can infer from the lack of framing by Deace that he agrees with the sentiments contained. I'm happy to correct the record if that isn't the case.

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Breaking Up is Hard to Do . . . But It’s Time

You’ve really got to hand it to Fox News. For many years, they been able to dupe an overwhelming majority of the American conservative movement into believing they were on their side with the cover of “fair and balanced. . .”

Read more (if you must) at: Steve Deace

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