Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Karl Rove Pisses Off Conservatives With New Anti-Tea Party Initiative

Don't pull it! Image from Washington Post
In my previous post, I mentioned people who should not be asked for their opinion on news shows. I forgot an entire category of individual: the always wrong pundit/pollster/political operative. Nobody had more egg on his egg-shaped face than Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, after his disastrous election night, in 2012. Not only did Karl spend hundreds of millions of other peoples' dollars, it was almost entirely without return on investment. Add to that fact that he'd been predicting GOP wins almost across the board, and was so convincing to conservatives, they all convinced themselves he was right. Karl himself had a bit of a meltdown, right on camera, on FOX "News."

So--you would think--Rove would be washed up, washed out, wrung out, hung up, left to dry out, right? No, for some reason, his American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS organizations still exist, and apparently still suck up money somehow. And now, Rove has started a new initiative, the Conservative Victory Project, which has as its goal, to de-crazy and de-tea-bag the GOP. Which is hilarious, because it was Karl himself, and the movement he was a part of that birthed all of the looniness! They riled up the rabble, and the rabble took over. Karl is now trying to put the teabags back in the wrapper. Good luck with that, tubby!  'Cause the rabble isn't digging it! I may not have gotten my frog-march, but I love, love, love any Rove-related schadenfreude I can get.


Karl Rove’s new ‘Conservative Victory Project’ earns conservative ire

The news that former Bush administration adviser Karl Rove is launching an effort to keep less-electable conservative Republicans from winning primaries has stirred up anger on the right. . .

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