Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Illinois One Step Closer to Marriage Equality

Happy Illinois legislators, from Chicago Tribune
Baby steps. Every phase of a civil rights struggle is made in baby steps. It's frustrating though, when it feels like the finish line should be behind us, and yet the tiny little steps haven't yet gotten us quite over the line. In Illinois--the latest state to take up marriage equality with any gusto--another hurdle has been crossed (and my metaphor becomes more strained). After a particularly nasty last effort by the anti-gay busybodies, a Illinois House committee has passed a marriage equality bill. Though there are officially two hurdles left--the full House vote, and the signature of the Governor--the last one has already been assured. Crossing my fingers, though it will mean two of The Other Half's home states will have legal same-sex marriage, while both of mine still don't. Still, it's good news!


Illinois House committee advances gay marriage bill

A bill legalizing gay marriage cleared a Democratic-led committee late Tuesday and now moves to the full House, where the issue is expected to meet its toughest test. The proposal, approved on a 6-5 vote in the House Executive Committee shortly before 10 p.m., is coming under increasingly heavy fire from church organizations who say same-sex marriage violates moral and religious principles. But advocates have ratcheted up calls for swift action. . .

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