Friday, May 16, 2008

Barack Obama's Sweetie Flap: Are You Kidding Me?

Image grabbed from source, ABC

I keep reminding people that this particular Presidential race isn't much nastier than previous ones. But I'm starting to think it is one of the stupidest. Flag pins? Preachers? It's all so meaningless, so stupid. And now we've taken the parsing of words down to questioning the motivation behind the outrageously offensive word, "sweetie."

Please. If Grampy McCain had said it, everyone would think it was cute, and grandfatherly. If Hillary Clinton had said it, it might not even make a blip, or it would be seen as camaraderie. But since Barack Obama said it, apparently in a addition to questioning his patriotism and his religion, we now have to question if he is a sexist. Never mind that we have nothing else to base this on than one word. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Obama's 'Sweetie': Spontaneous or Sexist?

The recent flap over Sen. Barack Obama calling a female reporter "sweetie" sparked a national dialogue over what is acceptable language between men and women in the workplace. . .

Read more at (with video): ABC News

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