Thursday, May 9, 2013

Charles Ramsey, Hero in Cleveland, Talks to Anderson Cooper

I love this interview. Charles Ramsey, the hero who rescued Amanda Berry and the others involved in that horrible decade-long kidnapping/captivity crime in Cleveland is a marvel of "no bullshit." It's funny, because I heard an LA-based talk show talking about him on Wednesday, lamenting the stereotypical "black next-door neighbor" they trot out on the news.

Ordinarily, I know what they're talking about, and it isn't just a black thing either. It always seems like morons, white, black or varying shades of beige, giving their goofball analysis of what happened in their neighborhood. Not this guy. He may not have eloquent diction, but he is spot on in his analysis of the situation. There isn't an ounce of pretension, not a bit of what he has to say that sounds remotely put-on for television, or embellished in any way. I think this guy is awesome. And I think Anderson Cooper did a great job interviewing him too. And by the way, I think Charles' assessment of Cleveland's 911 dispatchers is pretty spot on too.

UPDATE: It has come to light that Ramsey has a troubled past that includes several cases of domestic violence. This makes him a flawed hero, to say the least. But, America loves tales of redemption (see: Mark Sanford), and maybe this is Ramsey's. For what it's worth, it seems that Ramsey's brushes with the law are a decade and more old.

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