Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Texas: Another Reason I'm Moving to the Gun Control Camp

People who look at this and are inspired,
scare the crap out of me. Image from source.
If it isn't clear why a formerly neutral-on-guns guy like me is becoming ever more in the gun control camp, here's one reason: Texas. I don't think I really even need to elaborate, just look at Governor Goodhair there, posing like Yosemite Sam. Then scroll down and read the plastic gun story, the guns for kids story. . .anything from the NRA, especially any utterance by Wayne LaPierre. This cultish, fetishistic, addiction to guns we have as a country is really starting to rub me (and a whole lot of people) the wrong way. And the lunacy of people who proclaim themselves to be patriots, ready to take up arms against the "tyranny" of the federal government? How would that go down exactly? If you think that is a likely outcome in this country, I'd love to hear from you in the comments, about how you think that would go down.


Texas House Approves 12 Firearms Bills To Put More Guns In Classrooms And Defy Federal Law

On Saturday, as Texas hosted the National Rifle Association’s annual convention, the Texas House passed 12 gun bills to make it even easier to obtain and possess firearms in the state. The onslaught of legislation contains provisions to allow college students to carry handguns in class and to block any theoretical federal bans on assault weapons or high-capacity ammunition. The 12 bills, a veritable goody bag for gun rights advocates, passed easily in the Republican-dominated House. . .

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  1. I am not a gun nut, never owned one and when in the Air Force, shot 20 out 200, so the public would not want me with a gun.
    I don't think these gun laws will make much of a difference.
    In the store I work at, occasionally we get some guys with pistols at their side but they don't bother me.
    Yes, there are gun nuts out there and there anti-gun nuts out there as well. I think the majority of people may want some gun reform but not like the Democrats are proposing.
    And the gun owners don't trust the Democrats when it comes to gun control, not just the gun nuts.

  2. I don't have a quarrel with most gun owners. I even have a good friend who has an arsenal that would put most militias to shame. But there is a knee-jerk, rabid response that some gunners have at the barest whiff of "gun control." Their overreactions are so extreme, so INSTANTLY at Hulk rage levels, it really begins to look like an illness. I can't figure out if it is akin to a religion, a sexual thing, or an addiction. Possibly a combination of the three. It certainly isn't "patriotism" or "Constitutional conservatism." That left the barn a long time ago, when they started talking about armed insurrection.


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