Monday, May 13, 2013

Dr. Joyce Brothers Dead at 85

As a child of the 70s, I always knew who Dr. Joyce Brothers was. She was probably the first pop psychologist regularly on television. She could pop up on Chips as an actress, Sonny & Cher as herself, or as a huge portrait--on par with Jung and Freud--in a Mel Brooks movie. She was kind of randomly anywhere, any time. She was usually dryly humorous in her appearances and a bit self deprecating. I didn't realize until adulthood that her celebrity was a result of having been one of the first contestants to win on the 50s game show, The $64,000 Question. She was basically the first reality TV star, and parlayed it into a 60+ year media career! The Kardashians are going to have to live to a very old age to beat Dr. Brothers' record. RIP, Doc!


Popular psychologist, columnist and TV personality Joyce Brothers dead at 85

Joyce Brothers, the pop psychologist who pioneered the television advice show in the 1950s and enjoyed a long and prolific career as a syndicated columnist, author, and television and film personality, has died. She was 85. . .

Read more at: Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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