Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sarah Palin for Senate?

Image from Wonkette
Never ready to admit that one of their unlikely heroes has lost whatever luster he/she had, it looks like Sarah Palin's name is being floated on the right, for Senate. Hopefully, this is just the wishful thinking of some Alaska tea baggers. On the other hand, as difficult as it can be to tolerate Palin when she's in the spotlight, she's a comedic goldmine. Actually, I thought that vein had been completely tapped out, but that's because she has no real reason to be in the spotlight these days. To be fair, she ran her 15 minutes out to 4+ years. Now, she's only good for trolling Twitter with the occasional faux outrage bomb. But if she ran for Senate? Suddenly--even though her qualifications and abilities are very, very limited--she's relevant. Ugh.

Do I really have to get back in the habit of trying to translate her authentic frontier gibberish again?


Alaska Teabaggers Find Exciting Fresh New Face For U.S. Senate (It Is Sarah Palin)
The Tea Party Leadership Fund — wait, what? teabaggers are still a thing? apparently, yes, all both of ‘em — has an AWESOME new plan to save ‘Merica from Harry Reid and the Dumbocrats, and it’s so simple, it can’t fail. It goes like this: 1) Make a website. 2) Use it to encourage other “Tea Party Americans” to draft Sarah Palin for Alaska’s Senate seat. 3) Capitalist gold-plated big gulp-sipping freedom unicorns for everyone! . . .

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