Sunday, May 12, 2013

Right Wing World: What Benghazi Really Boils Down To

Benghazi is the most important issue to FOX "News," Rush Limbaugh, and thus, all of Right Wing World.  Though the charges of a coverup, and the various threads of conspiracy theory are tangled and vague, Right Wing World is either convinced that something is there, or they're really, really hoping that something will be uncovered.

Watching Meet the Press and other political shows this Sunday showed the Republicans' concern over Benghazi to be what they really are. Firstly, it's about criticizing the White House for being overly political with their initial response to the attack in Benghazi. . .by being overly political. Even FOX "News" Sunday framed the issue as a controversy over talking points. Yes, Benghazi happened before the big 2012 election, and it stands to reason that the Obama administration would seek to finesse any crisis to best position itself. Any administration would. But it is also true that Darrell Issa is on this snipe hunt for purely political reasons . Namely, to hang a scandal (if he can turn this into one) around President Obama's neck, and maybe more importantly, to try to sink Hillary Clinton's chances of becoming President before she even declares.

But I think that the excellent puts an even finer point on it, so I'll just quit yammering about it, and point you there!


GOP Calls For Impeachment Of President Hillary Clinton

Vowing to get an early start on efforts to remove Hillary Clinton from the White House, Republican leaders in congress have announced their intention to hold hearings on what they claim are the high crimes and misdemeanors that Hillary Clinton will commit once she assumes the presidency in January of 2017. . .

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  1. You watch Fox News and on a Sunday?
    You got me beat.

  2. I usually zip through it, along with Meet the Press on Sunday Mornings. FNS is easily the worst of the main 4 shows, but it's a tight horse race. David Gregory is a hack. Bob Schieffer is the closest to a journalist, but he's easily bowled over by a guest armed with talking points. George Snuffelupagus is okay, but kind of superficial. And Chris Wallace is thin-skinned, and transparently coming from the right. All of 'em suck, but they kind of set the news cycle for the week, so you can get a flavor for what's coming on Monday.


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