Friday, May 3, 2013

Sen. Ted Cruz, Born in Canada, Wants to Run for President?

When I found out this guy was 42, it made me feel a whole lot
better about how I've aged. Oh, snap. Image from Washington Post.
Oh, the hilarity. Oh, the irony!

After legions of far-right wingers have spent five years building a tangled conspiracy that says Barack Obama is not a natural born citizen!!!!11!1!! for various reasons up to and including that they think he was born in Kenya, and that his father was a British National. Most disregard or deny the overwhelming evidence that Obama was born in Hawaii, which is in the United States, and that his mother was a citizen. And those who will even admit to those two things will contend that his dad's nationality (or his mother leaving the country for a number of years) still disqualifies Obama from being eligible for the presidency.

There's much (much, much, much) more to their convoluted, self-contradictory web of a theory, but that's the gist. And the funniest thing ever in this long, stupid story? Arch-right conservative hero, freshman Senator Ted Cruz (TX-naturally) wants to run for president. He's a rabble-rouser. He's a so-called strict Constitutional constructionist, and he likes being a total ass to anyone who doesn't agree with his philosophy. In short, he's a tea bagger wet dream. But guess what? His dad wasn't a citizen when he was born. His mom was. But he was born in a foreign country! He has less bona fides than Obama does, since we know Obama was born in the US.

So, birthers, what to do? Cheer on the most conservative (douchey, but you kind of like that) dude you could ever put up, and forget about your birther quest? Or stick to your principles, and watch Jeb (not Dubya) Bush or Chris (traitor) Christie take the nomination? Should the question come before them, it will be hilarious to watch. But ultimately, it may not matter, because though he's conservative, by today's definition, he's a spectacularly bad candidate.


5 Reasons Ted Cruz Would Be A Democrat’s Dream 2016 GOP Nominee

He May Do Worse With Latinos Than Mitt Romney

The New York Times’ Nate Silver looked at immigration reform and found that it could be a bonanza for Republicans if they can pull it off without alienating their white base. They also need to pull it off without further alienating Latinos who voted for Mitt Romney in smaller numbers than they voted for John McCain, who they voted for in smaller numbers than George W. Bush. . .

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