Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just Who are these "Experts" Anyway?

As a blogger, people sometimes write to me, and ask me what business I have opining on the subjects of the day. Sometimes, they call me on the carpet for my opinions, and hold me to the standards of journalism, though I do not claim to be a journalist. My retort to these people is, hey, who do you think YOU are?

For example, do these four people have any qualifications beyond what I have, as the average American citizen? I maintain that they do not. All of these men are contemporaries, within a few years either way of my age bracket. All of them would have graduated high school and come of age in the late 1970s to mid-1980s.

One is a national celebrity of little talent, and dubious mental capacity. That would be Glenn Beck, a tea bagger so far to the right that he was fired by FOX "News." One of them sells himself as more mainstream, even though he's equally bonkers (and at least as egotistical). That would be Wayne Allyn Root (WAR!!!).  One is an Iowa conservative radio host with national aspirations, a huge religious block on his shoulder, and a case of "gay face" I couldn't hope to equal. That would be Iowa's Steve Deace. And one is a hopelessly bananas right-wing conspiracy theorist who puts even the tornadoes in Oklahoma in Barack Obama's anti-American Kenyan, Socialist quiver. That would of course be the batshit crazy Alex Jones.

The point to this post is only to point out that none of these ridiculous men--or any of their opinions--is any more valid than mine--OR YOURS. I'm a random, southwestern American hobbyist blogger.  The difference between me and these guys? I'd never ask you to take my word for anything, unquestioned. Do your homework, and don't trust blindly. Don't fall, hook-line-and-sinker for a line that sounds like it lines up with your way of thinking. Dig deeper, ponder things that don't sound quite right, pay attention, and don't jump to conclusions. It's all I ask.

*Sorry, can't help it. When the gaydar goes off that loudly, I have to say something.

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