Thursday, September 5, 2013

Right Wing World: Spinning Syria

Do you remember the run-up to the Iraq War? I do, but FOX "News" and other conservative outlets seemingly do not. In the period after September 11, 2001 all the way through "Shock and Awe" and pretty much up to "Mission Accomplished," President George W. Bush and his administration was given the kid glove treatment from the press, and much of the public. I mean, I'm a lefty liberal moonbat blogger, and I didn't much question the Iraq decision at the time. I was skeptical, but what the heck did I know? No, it was a very slow burn, a very gradual awakening of the press, the birth of the blogosphere, and the dawning realization that we were lied into war that shook us out of the"Freedom & Liberty" free pass we were giving Bushco.

Image from the fabulous NewsCorpse
But Right Wing World is revising history, or trying to. They're conflating Syria and Iraq, but they're not using what actually happened. . .which is completely expected of course. I'm also seeing in various places (Iowa radio host Steve Deace, for one) that the liberals who did speak out against the war are somehow now marching in lock-step behind President Obama. Which--if you pay attention to Left Wing World (such as it is)--is completely wrong. 10 minutes of The Ed Show should disabuse anyone of that notion. But again. . .to be expected.


Fox News Dementia: Media Is Not As Hard On Obama/Syria As They Were On Bush/Iraq

On Fox News this morning there was a segment debating the media coverage of the “Crisis in Syria” (video below). On any other network this would have been a legitimate subject for debate and a fascinating topic. But leave it to Fox News to broadcast a version of history that makes Snow White’s adventures with seven diminutive forest dwellers look like a PBS documentary. . .

Read more at: NewsCorpse

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