Saturday, September 14, 2013

What Happens in Vegas: Property with Spacious 70s-Era Bomb Shelter for Sale

There are a couple of surprising things about this story, first, that an unassuming Las Vegas house has a huge fallout shelter beneath it that would rival most 70s upper-middle-class homes. And second that I've driven right past this area countless times over the past 20 years, and never knew it was there. I used to shortcut down Viking to get to the Boulevard Mall, back when people still went to malls. And on several occasions, I've eaten at the TGIFridays that is this home's next-door neighbor. Wild.

Image from source, AOL
Las Vegas Bomb Shelter for Sale: Luxurious Blast From the Past

While "unique" is probably the most overused word in real estate listings, this five-bedroom, six-bath Las Vegas home just blocks from the Strip delivers on that while still managing to be one of those trendy luxury doomsday bunkers. The luxuries in this case are 1970s vintage, though -- hot tub, outdoor barbecue, intercom, large master bath -- and actually date from kind of late in the era of Cold War paranoia that started driving people to build nuclear bomb shelters back in the 1950s. . .

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That's the place. Click to embiggen.

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