Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Real "ObamaCare" Swindle

Image from source, Daily Beast
Ever wonder why conservatives are so rabid about defunding, dismantling and destroying the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare)? Follow the money. . .


The Obamacare Swindle (It’s Not What You Think)

House Republican leadership does not want a government shutdown over Obamacare, but the agitation of conservative activists might make one inevitable. That’s not good news for Republicans. After the debt ceiling crisis in 2011, congressional approval ratings dipped to their lowest ever, with Republicans taking a huge hit; in one survey, 71 percent of respondents disapproved with the GOP’s handling of the debt limit. In another, 68 percent said the same (PDF). . .

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  1. What part? Look, ObamaCare was passed by Congress, was affirmed as Constitutional by the Supreme Court, and then VOTED on in 2012, as a primary issue in the presidential election. It's law, and has been for some time. Now, if there are issues or problems with its implementation, then my advice for politicians and activist citizens would be to work to improve it. Tweak it. Fix the things that don't work as they're supposed to.

    But this "defund" thing (when it's already funded), or playing chicken with the entire world economy because they hate the president? It's crazy.

    Millions upon millions of dollars have been spent in a concerted effort to sway public opinion against the ACA. It worked. People hate it. But when they are asked about specific parts of it, they love it. Personally, I've seen no change. I'll let you know if I ever do have personal experience with it.


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