Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Facepalm: Ann Coulter's Islamophobia and Racism

UPDATE: I should have stopped with the first piece, as it would seem that the second here is originally from The Daily Currant, which is a parody site that is very, very good at writing believable stories. The source was obscured, and I missed it. Totally my bad, but it should be acknowledged that it is also entirely believable that Ann Coulter would say such a thing. Apologies. The first piece? Totally true.

Harpie's Bizarre, image from Mediaite

It's just. . .I mean I can't. . . This is just so. . .


Ann Coulter to Hannity: Putin Is Making a ‘Monkey’ Out of Obama on Syria

Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to bash President Obama for a failure of leadership on Syria. Hannity called Obama “confused” and “wimpy,” while Coulter derided the White House for thinking this is a simple Aaron Sorkin monologue away from being solved, adding that she believes Vladimir Putin has made Obama into a “monkey” on Syria. . .

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The following is redacted because it has been found to be originally from a parody site, as noted above.


Ann Coulter On Syria: ‘Why is Gassing Arabs a Bad Thing?’

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter generated fierce criticism today for suggesting that the gas attack in Syria last month was good for the United States. In an interview with Fox and Friends this morning, she argued that since the victims were Arabs such attacks would reduce the number of future terrorists and that therefore president Obama shouldn't intervene to stop them. . .
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  1. It's a satire piece from The Daily Currant, but unfortunately not very far off the mark.

  2. You're right, and I'm issuing a correction. I KNOW that the Daily Currant is a parody site, but didn't see the citation, and had this piece at the TAIL END of my "Facepalm" trio. And no, it's not very far off the mark which is why it is plausible! Thanks.

  3. My excuse is that it was 1AM-ish, and my last piece before going to bed. I had Ann's "monkey business" cued up, and found the other one and plugged it in. As I said, I should have just used the first one alone.


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