Monday, September 9, 2013

Blast from the Past: Saturday Morning Super Heroes

I've been kind of sick over the last week or so, with a combination of allergies and/or head cold plus the added attraction of some sort of intestinal bug. Lovely, right? Consequently, not only have I been out of the blogging habit (this time with an excuse), and also out of the exercising habit. Instead, I've been indulging in binge viewing of a series on DVD. In this case, my series of choice was Smallville.

I'm a superhero fan since practically infancy, so a show about Superboy/Superman should have been appointment viewing for me. But for some reason (probably because we didn't used to get The WB--now The CW--on our cable service), the network it aired on is always off of my radar. I simply forget it is there. I missed almost all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all of Angel too, originally. Those were other binge parties. Anyway, it got me to thinking that superheroes ought to in some way figure in to my feature for the week.

So, why not the ones I grew up with? Superhero cartoons are some of my earliest memories of television, and Saturday mornings were event viewing at my house. Sugary cereal and the big three networks had more than enough.


And oddly enough, that's pretty much it for my era of Saturday morning TV. I guess I could have thrown in Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, but nah. That'll wrap it up for this week. Happy Monday, everyone. Wish me well with my intestinal woe!

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