Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fishin' Benghazi (Rocky Mountain Mike Song Parody)

UPDATE: Mike has pulled this song for the time being. But if you were looking for some political humor, be sure to check out the link to his CD, or click through to his SoundCloud.


The ObamaCare rollout has unfortunately provided FOX "News" and the rest of Right Wing World with plenty of things to squawk about.* But whenever there is some outrage spackle needed to fill the gaps, out comes Benghazi! like clockwork. Rocky Mountain Mike (famous from The Stephanie Miller Show, and his CD Politically Incoherent) noticed, and has put it to song, to the tune of the Beach Boys' Surfin' Safari.

*Just a side note to say that if website had a smooth rollout, and all was going like clockwork, I don't think for a second that they wouldn't still be telling horror stories about it. But they'd probably have a lot more Benghazi spackle.


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