Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Horrors: Super Scary (and FULL of Lies) Hawaiian Ad Against Marriage Equality

Ordinarily, I'd put this under the banner of "The Gay Thing," but given the date, "Halloween Horrors" is more apt. This is an anti-gay marriage equality commercial, playing in Hawaii. The lies are piled up thick amid the scare tactics. It's so bad, and so obvious, I don't think it needs much rebuttal. But beneath the video, I've bullet-pointed some comments.

  • "Homosexual" marriage will not affect your life unless you or someone you love is in one.
  • The claim that the fight for marriage equality is "not about marriage at all" is untrue. As a married gay man, I'm in a position to know.
  • The claim that this is a foot in the door to normalizing "all sorts of deviant behavior" has no basis whatsoever, and of course is left vague and spooky.
  • "Terrible consequences will affect everyone and everything forever." Think about that for a second, after you stop laughing. Terrible consequences. For everyone and everything! FOREVER!!!
  • Five-year-olds, if they are taught anything at all about same-sex marriage or gay people, will only be told that they exist. They will not receive back-issues of Inches.
  • Churches will not be forced to marry anyone they don't want to, gay or straight. This one is a flat-out lie. Well, this is all untrue, but this particular one is a deliberate lie.
  • Businesses open to the public are required (in Hawaii, and in many other states) to serve the public, be they black, white, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, gay or straight. A business owner has no right to require that their customers follow the business owner's religion. It's a preposterous definition of "religious freedom."
  • What the hell is "bi-sexual" marriage?
The whole thing would be ridiculous to me if I hadn't listened to some live testimony from the hearing online. Wow, is there disinformation out there. Without fail, people against the marriage equality measure brought up God, Jesus, sacred this and holy that. I had to wonder if they think they were in a church. Some of it was horrifying in its ignorance and bigotry. Some was inadvertently hilarious. And it moved me to write this post. So, here are a couple more bullet points for the issue in general:
  • I didn't choose my sexual orientation, and it isn't a "lifestyle."
  • This is no longer hypothetical. Same-sex couples have been legally married in the US in various states for almost a decade now. I myself have been married five years. As far as I can tell, I haven't been leaving a trail of destruction in my wake!
  • The fight is over civil marriage equality, not "holy matrimony." Churches have always had their own rules about who may marry within their respective religions. For the record though, some denominations will marry gay couples. All religious arguments against are quite simply irrelevant.

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