Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Strange Story of John McAfee (The Anti-Virus Guy), and the GOP Connection

A real picture of Anti-virus guru, John McAfee,
Whenever I read anything from the right about Rachel Maddow, I'm kind of baffled, because the commentary (and "jokes") about her bear no relation to her actual persona. I suspect it's because they don't ever watch her show, beyond a short clip on a right-wing site, or maybe not even that much. In reality, Maddow is kind of professorial, but the fun professor whose class you would actually take extra trouble to schedule into. She usually starts her show with a story that seems only tangentially related to the subject at hand, or even completely unrelated.

Part of the fun can be trying to guess where she's taking you (and not in a tinfoil hat, Glenn Beck way). But it's usually a point you hadn't considered, along with some history and fun-facts you never knew. Take this clip for example. Along with a very condemning and snarky attack on the bloatware that often comes with computers, Rachel details the life of the guy who invented one of the big bloatware programs, McAfee Anti-Virus (and we now know for sure, it's MACK-uh-fee, not Mick-AFF-ee), his very strange, not totally legal lifestyle, and his connection to the GOP and Washington, DC.

It's worth your time even if you are and arch-conservative, and have no use for MSNBC, because it's so interesting. And you just might see that Rachel Maddow is not the fire-breathing, shrill harpy she's alleged to be. She's still a lesbian, but who's ever argued that? It's really lame joke material, right-wing world, when it's right on the table like that. Just sayin'. . .



  1. The Hackers Duped you,
    McAffee is fake...

  2. If McAfee is a fake, the hackers didn't exactly dupe ME, they duped all of the news sources who were reporting this. For the record, I'm a hobbyist blogger. Almost all of my stories are sourced. However, if you're right, I'll surely follow up on this. But the story isn't "hobbyist blogger duped," it's "international news reporters duped."

  3. Oh, and to the first commenter (assuming it's a different person), having an ANONYMOUS person ask me who I am is the height of hilarity.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

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