Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Gay Thing: New Jersey is the 14th Marriage Equality State

How cool is this? The marriage equality train just keeps chugging along. On the heels of the state of Oregon deciding to recognize out-of-state same-sex marriages (though not performing them, yet), New Jersey has become the 14th state where it is legal for gay couples to marry. That's in addition to the District of Columbia. And there are presently lawsuits pending in twenty more states, winding their way through the courts. We may not be able to count on a clean sweep of them (though the way things are going, who knows?), but we only need to bat slightly higher than .500 to reach half the country. Exciting times for equality.

Image from source, Christian Science Monitor

New Jersey is 14th state to allow gay marriage, as Chris Christie ends appeal

It is now official. On Monday, New Jersey became the 14th state to recognize same-sex marriages. The development adds momentum to a nationwide push by gay-rights activists and supporters seeking to prepare the groundwork for what they hope will be an eventual ruling at the US Supreme Court declaring a constitutional right to marry regardless of sexual orientation. . .

Read more at: Christian Science Monitor


  1. Ha, you get spam also.
    So, now, can we count you for voting for Chrisitie?

  2. Christie? Not on your life, though I like him better than most Republicans. I think he's a big. . .ahem. . .considerable windbag for the most part, very self-important. And he's still against marriage equality.

    And yeah, the spam is just stupid. What is the percentage of people they get to click on their crap, .000001%?

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