Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tom DeLay is Back, and He's. . .A Dominionist?

Maybe this should be filed under Halloween Horrors with the previous Michael Jackson videos. Tom DeLay, the personification of GOP hubris somehow got sprung from the pokey (I'm still unclear on exactly how he didn't belong in jail), and apparently has decided to make a comeback. Or something. But while he always had an extremely irritating air about him, and you could easily imagine him being pious, his focus was more on the political side. Now, it looks like he's blended his Jesus crystals with his politics, and mmm, mmm, made a tasty concoction of bullshit.

God and Jesus didn't write the Constitution. America is not a Christian nation. And Tom DeLay should know that. Then again, considering his propensity for bullshit, he's probably just selling more overtly to the same crowd that ate it up before. And is it me, or does he sound just as drunk as ever?


DeLay: 'God Created This Nation And God Created The Constitution'

During a service last weekend, John Hagee spent a half hour interviewing former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay during which DeLay revealed that God has commissioned him to write a book and promised him that he'll play a role in the coming spiritual revival. . .

Read more at: Right Wing Watch

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