Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Happens in Vegas (Maybe): GOP Looking to Bring Republican National Convention to Vegas

The RNC in Sin City? Well, that's a natural fit, isn't it? Actually, I hope this happens, if for no other reason than a positive effect on our local economy. Kevin Wall, the rather dim host of a local right-wing radio show, speculated (with a sneer in his voice) that Senator Harry Reid would work behind the scenes to thwart the event from coming here. I can't imagine why he would. It's going to happen somewhere, why not here? I mean, I'm not thrilled about having 2016's roster of loony birds here, but the economy could always use the help. The funny part is, Nevada's state Republican Party apparatus is notoriously bad, and fraught with problems. Can they get their act together?


Las Vegas vying to host 2016 Republican National Convention

Image from Huffington Post
Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki announced today he’s leading an effort to attract the Republican National Convention to Las Vegas in 2016.  Although the convention is years away, several cities across the United States will be competing in 2014 to secure the right to host the large convention. . .

Read more at: Las Vegas Sun

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