Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nevada State Assemblyman Would Vote for Slavery?

Are we sure he's not from Texas? Image from source,
Raw Story
After the Supreme Court ruled California's Proposition 8 unconstitutional, there was a flurry of complaints from the right. Well, obviously, I know, but there was one common refrain: SCOTUS overturned the will of the people. For "strict Constitutional constructionists," they really have a hard time understanding that all of the "will of the people" can't overrule the Constitution without an amendment.

Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler apparently doesn't get it either. And he also doesn't get how utterly nuts it sounds when he says he would vote for slavery, that he was "taken out of context." Brilliant!


Nevada tea party Republican: ‘Yeah, I would’ vote to bring back slavery

A Republican Nevada state assemblyman said that he would vote for legislation in favor of slavery if his constituents wanted him to. According to the Las Vegas Sun, Jim Wheeler of Gardnerville, NV was speaking to the Storey County Republican Party when he made the remarks last August, although they are only now coming to light. . .

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