Friday, November 8, 2013

CBS Revisiting 60 Minutes Benghazi Story Over Contradictions

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60 Minutes aired a piece on Benghazi recently that irked some on the left for the way it played into right-wing talking points. Almost immediately, the story started to unravel a bit, but it's come apart enough now that CBS is acknowledging the problems with it. This, I'm sure, is making Right Wing World a bit unhappy.


’60 Minutes’ will review Benghazi story after more questions surface about ‘witness’

In a short statement released Thursday night, CBS news magazine 60 Minutes promised to revisit its story on an alleged witness to attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi following another report calling his account into question. The report has also been removed from CBS News’ website. “60 Minutes has learned of new information that undercuts the account told to us by Morgan Jones of his actions on the night of the attack on the Benghazi compound,” the statement read. “We are currently looking into this serious matter to determine if he misled us, and if so, we will make a correction. . .”

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