Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hawaii Marriage Equality Advances Despite "Citizens' Filibuster"

Well, glory be. Go and watch a little ordinary TV and the news changes while you're not looking! Apparently, that parade of ignorance and hate had the opposite effect of what they intended. Hawaii's house committees sent the bill on through, and it looks to be rather smooth sailing to the Governor's desk! Could Illinois' surprise announcement have spurred them on? Or were they just as disgusted as I was with that display? Either way, it looks like Hawaii will make 16! Well, plus DC (poor DC, always getting tacked on at the end).


Hawaii House committees forward gay marriage bill

Two state House committees sent a bill that would legalize gay marriage to the full chamber Tuesday night, ending a five-day public hearing that exposed deep divisions in Hawaii on an issue being considered across the United States. . .

Read more at: Times Union

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