Monday, November 18, 2013

George Zimmerman in Trouble Again

The George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case came to prominence because Zimmerman was let go after an unarmed Martin was killed, with no charges filed. The details of the case sounded quite fishy, and the more we learned about Zimmerman, the shadier he seemed. Negative things came out about Martin too, though how they could be at all relevant, I never sussed out. Since Zimmerman knew none of Martin's history, it's very unlikely that they influenced the events (an no, conservatives, pot doesn't make you into a raging supervillain). [Due to autoplay video, story continues below the jump]

Conservatives labeled Martin a "thug," dehumanizing him to the point where they were basically saying he deserved death. They hoisted Zimmerman up onto their metaphorical shoulders, and turned him into a hero. You could almost envision him stumping for a GOP candidate like Joe the Plumber did (and let's pause for a second to point out the extreme oddness of right-wing heroes). They donated to his legal defense fund, they even got together and bought him a gun! It was surreal and bizarre.

But ever since Zimmerman was inexplicably acquitted (and after his conservative supporters stopped doing cartwheels), ol' George has had the unfortunate habit of getting into trouble. He's been pulled over by the cops a couple of times, at least once with a gun in the car where it wasn't supposed to be (and--naturally--he was turned loose again). His wife, a lady with her own run-ins with the law, accused Zimmerman of attacking her, and threatening her with a gun. And now, his girlfriend (oh my GOD, who would date him?) has basically accused him of the same. Zimmerman of course maintains his innocence. But I wonder if his antics are starting to make his conservative supporters sweat a little bit? Ya think?


Girlfriend to deputies: George Zimmerman pointed a shotgun at me

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday after he cocked and pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend, shattered a glass-top table, then pushed her out of the house and barricaded himself inside after she ordered him to move out, according to the Seminole County Sheriff's Office. He surrendered peacefully a few minutes later and was hauled off to jail, where he was being held without bail on domestic-violence and aggravated-assault charges. . .

Read more at: Orlando Sentinel

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