Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Walmart Employees Donating Food to Needy. . .Walmart Employees?

Image from source, Wonkette
You know, I'm sure this is all somehow President Obama's fault. But the optics of Walmart employees running food drives for needy Walmart employees are really, really sad.


Walmart Associates Run Thanksgiving Donation Drive So Co-Workers Can Eat People Food
One of these days, a modern-day Charles Dickens is going to write A Christmas Carol for our times, and it will be based on this story of a Walmart in Ohio, where employees organized “a food drive – not for the community, but for needy workers.” Total Dickens, right? The noble poor (broken of body but not of spirit), the historical significance, the double-talking bureaucratic fig leaf for the Establishment, even. . .

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  1. Ok, it looks bad but there is another story.
    Wal-Mart usually hires people who are down and out and many people who are hard to employ. This includes people on welfare, people with disabilities, ex-cons etc. Before they even start, most people they hire already are receiving government benefits or could be.
    Some people have medical problems that take up a large part of their paycheck- Wal-Mart also hires older workers when other companies run away from them. And yes, Wal-Mart does provide medical insurance for it's workers, though I don't what the policies are like under ObamaCare. Before you could get catastrophic insurance for like $2 a month. Now, I don't know.
    I guess I am an exception to this rule.
    It takes time for these new hires to get back on their feet. It doesn't take a week or a month or maybe a year to get out of the problems these people may have.
    So, yes, there are some employees who need help, just like any other very large company and it's good to see the employees looking out for their own.
    And it sucks that idiots like Wonkette want to criticize them for doing so. It's just cheap grandstanding.

  2. Wonkette is known for its snark, true. And I realize a lot of the circumstances you're talking about are true. But it DOES look bad, and Walmart has a rep for not paying people what they're really worth. I *DO* shop there, so I'm a terrible liberal in that regard. But I'm not a fan of the Waltons, particularly Alice.


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