Sunday, November 10, 2013

Blast from the Past: Crackers! (Vintage Snack Cracker Commercials)

Being trapped in another Atkins Diet loop (attempt number six? seven?), I'm longing for snacks. Different kinds of snacks at different moments, of course. Right now, it's crackers. I have an oddly specific urge for Keebler Club Crackers. Mmmm, buttery. So, I shall now inflict my urge for crackers onto you, dear reader! Enjoy.

1. Nabisco Ritz Crackers, 1977, Andy Griffith
2. Sunshine Hi-Ho Crackers, 70s, Gary Burghoff (Radar from "Mash")

3. Keebler Town House Crackers, 80s
4. Nabisco Wheat Thins, 1991, Sandy Duncan

5. Nabisco Triscuit, 1988
6. Nabisco Better Cheddars, 1986

7. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, 2001
8. Nabisco American Classic, 1988

And that will have to do it. Because, my cravings don't always line up with what is out there on the YouTubes! For instance, I would have used a much older Goldfish commercial. I couldn't find classic ones for Club crackers (which started this whole thing), Chicken in a Biskit, Cheez-It and others. Plus, it's weird that Sunshine Biscuits was bought by Keebler which was then bought by Kellogg. Nabisco, in turn has been owned by Phillip Morris, Kraft, and most recently a mega-conglomerate called Mondelez. Who knew?

Anyway, my craving is gone, and there's sort of a sour feeling left about the very small number of companies that own everything. And that takes us back into politics! Happy Monday, and don't fortet, it's Veteran's Day.

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