Friday, November 1, 2013

How to Spot a Fake ObamaCare™ Story

Image from source, Think Progress
There have been a lot of very upset people on the radio and tv machines telling ObamaCare™ horror stories. But one by one--if they're not picked apart by hosts like Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhodes--the stories are being debunked as a) deliberate lies, b) misinformed or c) confused people who sometimes haven't even tried to find out what the health care exchange can do for them.
So, how can you tell if the complaints have any merit at all? Well, you can wait for the inevitable debunking, or you can read the article below.
How To Spot A Fake Obamacare Horror Story

Since insurers have begun informing beneficiaries that their health care plans do not meet the new federal requirements of Obamacare, and will be either cancelled or significantly altered, the media has profiled countless middle class Americans who claim that the new health care law will force them to pay more for coverage. . .
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  1. Sorry, Jamie, but Obama lied and people will die.
    Millions of people lost their insurance policies and that is indisputable.
    The ObamaCare web site crashed and is a horrible disaster.
    People are not signing up at a rate of 35,000 a day to make ObamaCare sustainable.
    The people defending ObamaCare are blaming the messengers and not the main culprits- democrats and Obama (And here in Nevada, Reid, Titus and Berkley)
    The liberal media finally has realized that there are major problems with ObamaCare.
    Even late night comedians are making fun of ObamaCare.
    Please Jamie, take your head out of the sand. First, it messes with your hair and second, you sound silly.
    You are a computer expert, (despite all your electronic problems) are you not embarrassed by the ObamaCare web site and the problems they are having?
    Could you develop a web site that actually works as opposed to the ObamaCare web site?
    How can major companies like Wal-Mart. Home Depot, Amazon, GEICO, porn web sites and other web sites/companies that have do a much better job than the ObamaCare web site where supposedly the best of the best worked on it? (maybe the best or were they campaign donors/friend of Michelle)
    Please Jamie, look at it honestly and not be a tool. You are much better and a hell of a lot smarter than that.

  2. Well, that's dramatic! You know that when people (and it's a small percentage of people) get a cancellation letter, they are always offered a replacement plan IN the letter, from the same insurer. And they are also directed to whatever exchange is available in their state for alternative plans. If the people are too poor to afford a replacement plan, there are subsidies to offset the cost.

    Whether Obama "lied," or merely didn't asterisk appropriately for this group of people is ultimately a footnote in history, provided the kinks in the system get sorted out. If they never do, it'll just be one of many things you can keep in your quiver, I guess.

    Yes, I think the web site problems are very unfortunate for all concerned. No, I don't think it reflects at all on the product. One has little to do with the other. If they really do get it running smoothly by the end of November, this is all just partisan grumbling.

    Apparently, big government web projects have a very high failure rate, often due to the way the government has to grant contracts. It sucks. I hope they fix it.

    Beyond all of that, many of the horror stories turn out to be untrue, or big distortions of fact. That's just the truth.


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